Extractability Services

Local and international health and safety legislation (such as COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc) states that it is the employers responsibility to protect the health, welfare and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in expensive legal action, potential fines and poor employee relations.


Extractability employ a dedicated team of experienced, highly-skilled engineers who operate our quality COSHH Testing, installation & design and noise monitoring services across the UK, and examine all types of LEV installations. Contact Extractability today with any questions you may have - our friendly sales department are always on hand to help.



Extractability offers professional design and installation of extraction packages, tailored appropriately to each individual project. As with our welding fume extraction systems, we provide a complete package from design right through to installation and servicing.


In keeping with our design criteria, all aspects of the installation are kept to the highest possible standard. This includes the ducting systems that are often overlooked. Fume and dust extraction is intrinsically linked to the extraction system. Poorly designed or installed duct runs not only look messy, they are also inefficient and can be dangerous.


We understand air movement and air flow which is paramount for designing effective extraction systems. We ensure that the correct amount of air volume is moved, with zero noise disturbances. By providing a quieter and better environment for students or employees to work in we find the levels of learning and output are significantly increased.  Input is as important as extract. This ensures that our extraction systems operate to optimum levels whilst creating a safe working environment. We design all our energy saving systems with adequately, balanced air input, keeping noise levels down.


Buildings vary greatly, so it is essential that systems are installed by experienced teams that have a comprehensive understanding of air flow technology. Our experienced installation teams will ensure solutions are completed on-time, with installation being planned with you to ensure minimum disruption to your day-to-day business operations or any new build schedule. All work is carried out in a safe and professionally managed way. Installations are fully tested and commissioned to check they meet the original agreed specification and all necessary legal requirements.