Extraction Fans

Extractability fans are efficiently applicable for the ventilation of working places and halls. Polluted air can be extracted by means of a hose or a pipe fitting with an extraction element at the suction nozzle and can afterwards be guided outside by means of the outlet nozzle and the connected ducting. Optionally, the air can be guided from outside to inside in order to provide working places or spaces with fresh air. Our high-quality fans that are made of steel plate or siliumin castings allowing stable and suitable continuous operation.


A calm operation is made sure by the static and dynamic balance. The fans are also integrated in our economical, universally applicable exhaust fans. They are the central part of our filter devices, in this case in combination with disposable filters or filter cartridges. The air is guided via the ducting from the working places to the unit with almost no loss. If required, the ducting can easily and professionally be installed by our technicians.




Suitable for connection to suction arms, in order to evacuate fumes and particles from the extraction point. The fans are available in different versions and performances. Due to the stable construction, they are suitable for continuous operation.


The ProtectoFan is the perfect solution for general and large fabrication and workshops where extraction for welding smoke, fumes and dust is required.


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Standard Equipment

► Up to 3 000 m³/h made of silumin casting

     (with snap fastener)

► From 3 500 m³/h on made of silumin casting

     (with vibration absorber)

► Static and dynamic balanced impellers

     (guarantees a calm operation)

► Low maintenance engine


0.75kW 2000 m3/h 160mm 230v - Silumin Casting

1.10kW 2500 m3/h 160mm 230v - Silumin Casting

1.50kW 3000 m3/h 160mm 230v - Silumin Casting

0.75kW 2000 m3/h 250mm 415v - Silumin Casting

1.10kW 2500 m3/h 250mm 415v - Silumin Casting

1.50kW 3000 m3/h 250mm 415v - Silumin Casting

2.20kW 3500 m3/h 250mm 415v - Steel Casting

3.00kW 4000 m3/h 250mm 415v - Steel Casting

4.00kW 5000 m3/h 315mm 415v - Steel Casting

5.50kW 6000 m3/h 355mm 415v - Steel Casting

7.5kW 7500 m3/h 400mm 415v - Steel Casting

11kW 10000 m3/h 450mm 415v - Steel Casting

Mobile Exhaust Fan

Suitable for the evacuation of hazardous fumes and dust from the extraction point, e.g. fresh air supply for containers, pipes and boxes. Also suitable for the extraction of emissions.


The mobile exhaust fan can be used very flexibly due to its low design and the low weight. Connected to a suction hose, the exhaust fan is suitable for applications  in workplaces which are difficult to access (e.g. shipbuilding).


Standard Equipment

► Housing and impeller made of resistant aluminium

      casting (up to 1,5 kW) or steel plate (from 1,5 kW on)

► Powder-coated housing and chassis

► Ready to plug in

► Protective grating on the suction and pressure side

► Motor circuit breaker

► 5 m mains cable








Optional Equipment

► Suction hose with suction hood and magnetic base

► Other voltages on request

► Exhaustion hose


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