SifGun Evolution Fume Extraction Torch

The SifGun Evolution fume extraction torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated

extraction at the welding nozzle. The extraction is close to the weld pool, so the fumes coming from the welding process are extracted immediately. As a result, the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95%. Unlike other models of on-torch extraction, the SifGun Evolution fume extraction torch features a bespoke, optimised nozzle, which balances pressures to prevent disruption of the shielding gases. You can therefore use the same shielding gas flow rates as with a standard MIG torch.


The welding torch is delivered ‘ready to use’. It only has to be connected to a welding

machine and extraction unit. The SifGun Evolution fume extraction torch is available in air- cooled and water-cooled versions.


The SifGun Evolution fume extraction torch is available in 150amp, 250amp and 350amp air-cooled hand-held versions and a 500amp water-cooled version.  All with 4 metre cable lengths as standard, 5 and 6 metre length cables available upon request. Conforming to EN60974-4.


A robotic version is available in 380A for automated applications.




►  Lightweight design

►  Comfortable to use

►  No disruption to shielding gas

►  95% fume reduction

►  For MIG/MAG and FCAW

►  Euro connection

►  Standard BZL type contact tips

Part Numbers







 SifGun Evolution Air-Cooled 150A 4m torch

 SifGun Evolution Air-Cooled 250A 4m torch

 SifGun Evolution Air-Cooled 350A 4m torch

 SifGun Evolution Water-Cooled 500A 4m torch

 SifGun Evolution Auto/Robotic 380A Water-Cooled  2m torch

40-60mm Diameter Connector