ProtectoScan EDI - An award winning product


The ProtectoScan EDI is an Environmental Detection Instrument (EDI) that provides intelligent, data-driven protection and interaction (optional) in the industrial workplace. An indoor air monitoring instrument that measures and records real-time data for dust/fume particulate, noise, temperature and humidity, EDI catches the eye with an LED traffic light display, alerting users to any notable issues, giving users instant feedback and a visual representation of what is going on in their workshop.


Users will also benefit from EDI email alerts when exposure limits are surpassed. All live data sits at the users’ fingertips via WiFi on the dedicated WebApp, turning the EDI into the perfect cloud-based solution, monitoring and recording exposure levels for every second of the day, 365 days a year.

Measurement of

particle density

EDI will measure down to PM 2.5 particle size fume and dust and advise when exposure levels have been breached.

Measurement of
the volume levels

EDI  will measure the noise level at any time and advise if levels are infrequent or consistent.


EDI will measure the working area temperature at all times of the year and records throughout.

Measurement of
 the temperature

Measurement of
the humidity

Part Numbers



ProtectoScan EDI Unit

AirController for EDI
FilterMonitor for EDI


EDI  will measure the humidity levels applicable within the workplace.


Full report and certification

for the risk



EDI will store data and provide a calibrated annual report on all areas measured. It will also provide immediate notification by traffic lights and email.


► LED bar with traffic light function

► WiFi Antenna

►Ethernet connection

► Measures particle density, temperature, air humidity and volume

► Records real-time data, 24/7, 365 days a year

► Display and reading of the measurement data via dedicated cloud-based WebApp

► Remote and manual switching on/off via WebApp

► Three potential-free switching relays to activate equipment/accessories


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