Photograph of a wall mounted suction arm

Extractability Products

Extractability retains the capability and experience in being able to offer an engineered solution to all of your particle, dust and fume extraction needs. We custom design, manufacture, install, test and commission fume extraction systems and are able to offer you CE certified products to meet your requirements.


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Cropped photo of a long reach extraction arm

Extraction Arms

Extraction arms are highly flexible, and simple to position, extend and retract. Different attachments are available for wall, ceiling or extension bracket mounting as well as a number of accessories, including hoods and dampers to improve efficiency.

ProtectoScan EDI

The ProtectoScan EDI is an Environmental Detection Instrument (EDI) that provides intelligent, data-driven protection and interaction (optional) in the industrial workplace. It measures and records real-time data for dust/fume particulate, noise, temperature and humidity.

Cropped photo of a black pvc flexible hose

Flexible Hoses

Flexible Hoses for a wide range of industrial applications including extraction of dust, vapour bulk materials and welding fumes. Extractability offers a complete range of extraction hoses that can be customised to fit your needs.

Croped photo of a silumin cased extraction fan

Extraction Fans

Every dust, fume or vapour collection system needs a fan to move the contaminated air through the filter for cleaning. Extractability has a complete range of extraction fans to cover the demands of almost any application.

SifGun Evolution Fume
Extraction Torch

The SifGun evolution Fume Extraction Torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle of the welding torch.  As a result the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95%.


Downdraft Benches

Fume extraction downdraft benches are highly effective at removing hazardous fumes and dusts generated by welding, grinding, polishing and other applications. Extractability has a range of self contained downdraft filter benches available.

Cropped photo of a ProtectoAutoclenz twin wall mounted unit

Fixed & Mobile Filters

Mobile fume extractors provide increased flexibility, making extraction at various workplaces and locations possible. Fixed filtration units for fumes, dust and vapours can save valuable work space and can be stored inside or outside a factory/ workshop.

Vacuum Systems

A robust range of industrial vacuums that can be utilised for simple cleaning applications through to the extraction of fumes from welding torches. They are extremely useful as a multi purpose vacuum for the cleaning of building sites.

Room Ventilation

Room ventilation is a stand alone system used for industry and welding companies where more than source extraction is required. It gives additional cleaning of the production hall with efficient use of energy and reduction of cost.